During the Corona pandemic your actions matter – what you can do

The world is experiencing an unusual period that affects the daily life. To us it’s important that Blox Car users and everyone else are well. That’s why we want to inform you about the following actions that you can take to change the situation. Many people have health problems or a lowered income. These are the moments when your input can have a huge effect.

How you can help others and stop the virus from spreading 

Enable safer journeys

Let other people know if your car is available for rent to reduce the infection risk in public transport. Keep an all purpose cleaner, disposable cloths and cleaning instructions in your car. Put up a notification on the notice board in your house that your car can be rented through Blox Car and also on the Facebook group of your housing company and other local groups. You can also sign up e.g. on the Corona help on Nappi Naapuri (Finnish).

Instruct the renters to at least wipe the wheel, gearstick, buttons and handles after using the car. Ask to dispose of used cloths and recommend to use gloves when driving.

Prevent spreading

Keep everything clean and prevent the spreading. Wash your hands properly after being outside and keep hand sanitizer with you. By keeping your hands clean you prevent the virus from getting to new surfaces. It’s also good to wear gloves outside. Remember to cough and sneeze into a paper tissue or your sleeve and dispose of the tissue immediately. Also remember to keep a distance from other people.

Offer help

Your neighbor might be ill, in quarantine or be in the risk group and therefore need your help. Help your neighbors and friends by asking if they need something from the shop, pharmacy or elsewhere and also help them to bin their trash. Remember to avoid contact and ask to leave the bin bags outside the door, and likewise leave the shopping outside their door. We’re monitoring the situation and we’ll inform you about any changes. 

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