TOP-5 – instructions for a long roadtrip

Domestic tourism is best to do with four tires. Roadtrips offers many benefits, the most important of which is that you can control your travel from start to finish. This article provides instructions for a long roadtrip.

Traveling by car is easy because you can carry as much luggage as you want, avoid queues at train stations or airports, stop whenever you want, enjoy the landscapes more than ever and have more freedom of movement.

Regardless of distance, driving a car is often cheaper and gives you better access to different routes. Although it is a good idea to plan your trip in advance, you can also improvise whenever necessary.

Instructions for a long roadtrip – try these tips

1. Instructions for a long roadtrip – plan a route

When you plan your route in advance, you are more likely to be able to travel without major inconveniences. However, it is not a good idea to schedule a route too busy so that the number of driving hours does not increase sleepiness. Pick up gas stations, recharging points, overnight stays and restaurants along the route in advance.

Even a long route is a tolerable drive if you divide it into sections. You should take care of your own alertness and driving volume. You should walk for 15 minutes for every hour you drive. This takes time, but car travel is all about the journey and not the destination.

2. Check the condition of the car

Make sure the tires are in good condition for the entire trip. The grooves of the tires must be at least 2 mm deep in summer and 3 mm in winter. It is a good idea to carry a spare tire in the car, in addition to which you should check the oil level before a long road trip.

Long car journeys should have a tool kit for changing tires. In addition, a first aid kit, lock cone, foam fire extinguisher, reflective vest, flashlight and jack are good to carry in the trunk of a car for a long drive. The Roadtrip is a more fun form of travel when you can spend it safely without stress.

3. Bring a spare driver

You can go on long trips alone, but you should always bring another driver. You can rest in turn and stay attentive in traffic on your own turn. Travel and adventure are always more fun with a friend.

According to a publication by the Comisariado Europeo del Automóvil, driving several hours to the tube makes you drowsy, alters the ability to perceive the environment, impairs psychomotor coordination, changes behavior and adversely affects your ability to react, which can lead to an accident.

4. Games will keep you refreshed

If you are traveling with someone, the ride is designed to help minimize stress. Club games in the car and walking outdoors make it easy for every traveler to stay refreshed.

It’s definitely worth trying out a music quiz, landscape bingo, or a variety of storytelling-related games if you’re not familiar with car racing games yet. Go check out our car racing games here.

5. Bring a charger and an extra phone

Although the phone should never be used while driving, it is a good idea to make sure that the communication device is operational for emergencies. On long journeys, the phone’s battery may run out unexpectedly, so reserve a spare power supply for the roadtrip.

The key to long journeys is preparedness. You will experience the feeling and excitement of adventure on long car journeys. Don’t let short-sightedness ruin a good road trip, but prepare for it by leaving room for surprise. Safety is the key to a successful journey.

Instructions for a long roadtrip – instructions in a nutshell

  • Rest is important for the driver. Always walk and relax your muscles from time to time
  • Drink water before and throughout the trip.
  • Bring paperwork, car insurance, driver’s license, etc.
  • Consider alternative routes if you happen to need them.
  • Wear light clothing and comfortable shoes. Forget heels and stiff-soled shoes.
  • Try to avoid big meals so you don’t suffer from indigestion.
  • Distribute the suitcases evenly in the car so that they do not interfere with driving dynamics. Do not leave loose items in the back seat, as they could cause damage in the event of an accident.
  • Being able to take breaks and enjoy the scenery are some of the benefits of driving a car.
  • Include a travel charger, power bank, or spare battery to prevent your phone from running out of battery power.
  • It is a good idea to take over the games for car trips before leaving for a car trip.
  • Attitude counts. Car travel is specifically about the journey and not the destination.
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