The results of the survey – this is how the revolution in motoring is experienced in everyday life

BloxCar, the largest car peer rental service in Finland, asked its users about their experiences of renting a car. Users tell how the revolution in motoring is already visible in everyday life. The domestic service is already used by more than 20,000 people.

The result of the survey shows that traditional car rental is still normal, although car sharing is becoming more common. 73% of the respondents have also rented a car from a traditional car rental company.

“The use of traditional car rentals surprised me a bit. Significantly lower prices and a more user-friendly service will certainly bring more people to use the BloxCar service in the future”, says Konsta from BloxCar.

The majority of respondents (73.7%) consider the price of a car and the clarity of pricing to be the most important feature. An individual who covers his or her expenses is able to lower the price, often lower than a for-profit company.

“Over the past year, users have become more attached to our service than ever before. I’m talking about someone who doesn’t own a car or who only needs to use the car on a weekly basis. The BloxCar team has clearly made good decisions as the number of such regular users has been growing”, explains Kaius Häggblom, CEO of BloxCar.

42.4 percent perceive an easy user experience as one of the biggest reasons for using shared services. Digitization and serviceization are the cornerstones of the sharing economy.

“Hopefully, the number of good services will grow in other areas as well. A lot of different sharing economy services are already being built, which in a couple of years will be significant players in their field compared to the traditional player, ”Konsta opens his thoughts.

revolution in motoring
The revolution in motoring is in here

The revolution in motoring affects everyday life – is ecology the cause?

In the context of car-sharing, there is often talk of a more ecological way with cars. A shared car can replace 8-25 private cars. As the occupancy rate of one car increases, fewer new cars need to be manufactured for traffic use. 46.6 percent of BloxCar users see ecology as a big reason for using the service.

“The size of the carbon footprint and carbon neutrality have been seen as a problem in the minds of the individual for a long time. Ecology is the reason why this is done. Society will encourage private individuals to use the services of the sharing economy more in the future. The BloxCar team and users are speaking together for the future of the sharing economy, automotive and especially electric cars, ”says Kaius Häggblom, CEO.

Demand for shared cars has been growing steadily at a rapid pace for some time. A person renting their own car at BloxCar will receive many more booking requests in 2021 than in 2020.

“This is a process. A couple of years ago, there were too many active cars relative to demand. Currently, the situation is completely different because the demand for cars has grown so much. As the summer and high season approach, we want more cars owned by private people for shared use, ”Kaius opens the demand for next summer.

BloxCar is a Finnish sharing service where private people can share cars. The service has about 25,000 users and about 600 active cars.

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