Owning a car in a condominium – sharing your own car is becoming more common

The rise in the price of private cars has been a hot topic in Finland in recent months. At the heart of the criticism are the expensive price of fuel, the lack of parking spaces and the rising cost of parking.

Significant changes in urban parking solutions and prices are coming in the coming years. Resident parking in the city center is expected to triple from the current € 30 a month to € 90 a month by year 2029. Hourly pricing for streetside places will also increase considerably.

While efforts are being made to make parking spaces more profitable, the price of fuel is also rising.

The change in the price of motoring is affected by population growth, the expansion of the city center, the promotion of sustainable modes of transport, climate goals, the digitalisation of mobility and transport, the growth of the sharing economy, the electrification of transport, teleworking and the introduction of new mobility services.

Cars and parking spaces for effective use

Residents of condominiums have fewer and fewer opportunities to maintain their own vehicle because the number of parking spaces is small and the total cost of driving is really high. The solution is to cover high costs and make effective use of existing parking spaces.

“Parking spaces are used efficiently when cars are used efficiently. By this I mean that more residents can benefit from the parking space if the car is shared by the residents, ”says Paul Nyberg from BloxCar.

The trend of this decade is to use existing resources more efficiently. Resources are used more efficiently, for example through car-sharing. Companies, organizations and housing associations are currently considering various possibilities to acquire a shared car for the use of residents. However, the housing association’s own cars are expensive and require commitment from the housing association itself.

“There is no single right way to get a shared car for a condominium. Sometimes it’s a good idea to order a condominium car from a service provider, but in that case, an expensive investment will only bring one shared vehicle to the condominium. A car owned by a condominium has advantages, of course, but also a lot of stumbling blocks. For example, it should have its own new parking space, ”Paul estimates.

Car ownership changing – an individual can share their own car for a neighbor

Owning a vehicle in the traditional way is expensive, but BloxCar offers the opportunity to make driving more affordable in 2022. A car owner in a condominium can share their own vehicle through the service.

“Any resident can share or rent their own car to neighbors. Driver-authenticated users, a ready-made payment system and calendar management make sharing a vehicle easy and secure for the owner, ”Paul continues.

When a shared car is owned by a resident, the condominium does not need to purchase a parking space for the expensive shared car it owns.

Seppo will rent a car to its neighbors – rental income of more than 6,000 euros for two cars in 2021

The high cost of owning a private car makes sharing a vehicle interesting. Car owners can participate by starting to share their car with neighbors on a peer-to-peer service. BloxCar is a domestic peer-to-peer rental service, a marketplace for motorists who want to share their own vehicle.

“I initially owned one car and a van that cost me several hundred euros a month. I used cars quite a bit myself, only a couple of times a week, so selling cars came to mind. However, I decided to try renting my own car first and it got off to a good start, ”says Seppo about his first experiences with BloxCar.

In 2021, Seppo earned more than 6,000 euros in rental income with two cars. When revenue is deducted from car insurance premiums, taxes, maintenance costs and parking costs, no profits are left for the car owner.

“I also need cars myself, but by borrowing them, it’s also worth keeping the cars to myself. So for me, sharing is the best option, even if it doesn’t leave many hundreds of euros in profits a year. I could raise prices, of course, but for me, those profits are not so important. As long as I get cheaper driving and be able to help others, ”Seppo concludes.

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  • The culture of motoring is changing
  • The sharing economy is the trend of this decade.
  • Founded in 2015, BloxCar is a peer-to-peer service that provides a marketplace for car sharing.
  • A domestic company that strives to make motoring more affordable.

BloxCar for condominiums

  • 20% service charge on rental income (normally 30%)
  • Expert help
    • Guide to using the service
    • Instructing motorists to take appropriate action
    • Contact person
  • Other benefits for motorists
  • For the housing association, a three-month test period at no cost. After the test period € 79.90 / month

More information for the housing association at contact@bloxcar.fi

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