Over 100 000 Finns have removed their car from traffic

The pandemic has already affected the way people use their cars. According to an article by Yle over 100 000 car owners have removed their cars from traffic because of expensive upkeep and reduced need. There are however other ways for car owners to save in the car expenses. 

The car generates costs even if it stays unused and one of the costs is the tax. According to the article the tax for a normal diesel consuming family car, Skoda Octavia,  is about 600 euros yearly or more than 1,5 euros daily.

Besides the tax there are also other costs, e.g. insurance, financing and maintenance costs.

The cost can be reduced in two ways

Remove the car from traffic

A car can be removed from traffic, but in that case it can’t stay parked on the road. E.g. in Helsinki the road side parking is only allowed for cars that are in traffic. According tot the article the penalty can be an additional tax of at least 1 000 euros. Read more about removing a car from traffic | Traficom.

Cover the car costs by renting it  

There are services, like Blox Car, where you can rent out your car and there are already thousands of car owners doing it in Finland. This is  a good way of earning some extra or to cover the costs of owning a car. If you have resident parking or if you occasionally need your car, this is the solution for you. There are probably also other people in your neighborhood who could use your car. Check out how much you could earn with your car.

Read also the tips for safe driving during the pandemic.

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