Lainappi, BloxCar and Hygglo start co-operation – sharing economy services maintain their own news channel

The services of the sharing economy will start cooperating to increase the awareness of Finns about the benefits of the sharing economy. Lainappi Oy, Shareit Bloxcar Oy and Hygglo Oy will co-operate in maintaining the news platform.

“Working together is important when working in such an area of ​​the future. The world is changing and the culture of consuming consumer goods is changing. It’s great to be involved in influencing which direction Finns are heading, ”says Konsta Lehikoinen, BloxCar’s Marketing Manager.

Finnish companies, BloxCar and Lainappi, represent domestic services in the project.

“Combining resources and expertise in this area is important. We live in a time where the circular economy is becoming more widespread, but still quite slow. Bringing awareness and information Pushing the public to the concepts of the circular economy and the sharing economy will increase awareness of humanity and gradually old ways will begin to change into modern ways, ”says Kim-Peter Siefen, Lainap’s product manager.

The largest marketplace for the sharing economy in the Nordic countries, Hygglo, brings more muscles to co-operation.

“There needs to be a change in consumer behavior and it requires more awareness, as well as the cooperation of several actors. We want to work together to highlight the benefits of sustainable consumption and promote a circular economy. The sharing economy is not a familiar term to many and we are well accustomed to the current disposable culture. That’s what we want to make a change for, “says Oona Hosia, Hygglo’s Director of Development.

News site and newsletter channel – the services of the sharing economy speaks for a greener Finland is a blog channel that was founded in 2013. It has always spoken out in favor of smarter and more ecological shopping behavior. The site has published news and blog articles from a sharing economy perspective.

Finland is known to be one of the countries with the heaviest burden on the planet, so it is really important that the players in the sharing economy want to have a voice together. A change in the culture of consumption will only change when there is enough talk about the subject. During the co-operation, the aim is to build a news site and information channel on the website that provides new information.

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