I’m renting my car because it’s sensible and ethical

A family dad rents his Subaru Legacy in the center of Porvoo.

A family dad rents his Subaru Legacy in the center of Porvoo.


Renting a car is sensible and ethical. “Environmental reasons. That’s why I rent my car through Blox Car”.

In the small and intimate town Mikko provides his neighbours a solution for occasional car needs. Mikko’s SUV is suitable for many needs and is often available. Mikko encourages the locals to try P2P rentals instead of buying a car. This way you save the recourses needed to manufacture a car.

“My ideology is green but I’m in a situation now where I need a car on a weekly basis. That’s why I’m not ready to let it go yet. In the future I can give it up and start using P2P when I need a car”, Mikko says.

Mikko has noticed the growth of the new mobility services. Even if he still needs his car, there are many people who are ready to give up their car. People who don’t need a car every day, but only for occasional needs.

“Both parties are needed. The ones who rent out their cars and the ones who need a car. Otherwise the P2P model does not work.”

Mikko’s four wheel driven SUV is available in a great location in the Porvoo old town. It’s easy to get anywhere from the idyllic wooden houses and small shops. There are also good public connections, which makes the pickup of the car very easy. “It’s rare that there’s still space for cars in the old town. Not many houses have their own parking anymore”, Mikko says.

The car has already got some bookings, but Mikko is hoping that more people in Porvoo would find the possibility of P2P driving. “There are times when I don’t really need the car at all, and I could happily rent it for a longer period. You don’t get rich by doing it, but it pays for the cost of owning a car.”

Mikko trusts people and does not stress about the car too much. Blox Car is there to make the renting as easy and safe as possible. “There’s a Finnish saying that you should not get ill from a future disease”.

According to Mikko you should not be worried about things that may never happen. “Worrying and thinking about possibilites is a waste of energy, even if many people do it. It’s same for renting a car and everything else in life” 🌿

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