Finland – a wonderful travel destination

During the past year I have been abroad several times, but before these trips I had only been in an airplane once.

I’ve always preferred traveling in Finland both for financial reasons, but also because there are so many great destinations in Finland. It would feel silly not to get to know your home country.

Last time when I flew back to Finland I looked down at the land of thousand lakes and I think I even said out loud to my travel partner how wonderful this country is. I wonder if we underestimate Finland?

Favourite destination in the summer is the Finnish Lapland.

My favourite destination in the summer is the Finnish Lapland. Many of my friends thinks that there’s nothing to do there in the summer, but to me that’s the point 😉 In fact Ruka is the most northern place I’ve visited in the winter time and all the other trips I’ve done in the summer. In winter you also have a unique chance of seeing northern lights. I love the silence that you can hear on a hilltop in the midnight sun. If you get high enough there won’t even be any mosquitos.

The village Äkäslompolo is my go to destination and many of my favourite spots are there. Also Hetta, Kilpisjärvi, Inari and Utsjoki are great and very unique places. I strongly recommend them for summer trips or hiking!

Recommend Lapland for summer trips or hiking!
(image Lapland)

Besides Lapland I’ve always been drawn to the sea. When I was in high school we did a bus road trip with my friends on the west coast. I enjoyed the trip enormously even if my backpack was extremely heavy. If I would have understood that I don’t need 14 kilos of for one and a half weeks I might have had a bit less shoulder pain. We went from Vaasa to Pori and then from Rauma to Turku. So many nice destinations and amazing scenery!

Always been drawn to the sea

Because of my work I’ve travelled a lot in Southern Finland over the past couple of years. The archipelago of Porvoo is beautiful both in the summer and winter, Helsinki has many hidden secrets and the harbor of Kotka is definitely worth a visit. Also Espoo and Kirkkonummi have many nature destinations just a short drive away from Helsinki. We made a trip to Porkkalanniemi last winter and it’s very mystical with the ice blocks floating in the sea and the very light powder snow. There was also a bird watcher who told about the local animals and the nature in February.

Espoo and Kirkkonummi have many nature destinations just a short drive away from Helsinki.

I’m not yet so familiar with Eastern Finland besides Koli, the Ilosaarirock festival and Savonlinna. Do you have any good tips for that area?

What’s your favourite destination in Finland?

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