Driving is safe during Corona – Only rent when you are healthy

The Corona virus might still go around for weeks and months. The purpose of washing hands will be even more obvious and everyone should have a small hand sanitizer in their bag. Better hygiene has been something many people have paid attention to in the last few weeks. People also notice the cleanliness of their surrounding even more and any violation of the hygiene rules seems scary. 

Driving is safe during Corona – Here are the instructions by Blox Car!

Blox Car instructs the renters and owners to keep the car clean. Many car owners are already prepared and have got cleaning products in the cars. Driving is still safe during Corona. 

  • Keep disposable wipes and e.g. disinfectant in the car. It’s nice for the renter to get in the car if the surfaces are clean. We also hope that the renters wipe the inside of the car, the wheel, gearstick, buttons and handles after the rental.
  • The state recommends a safety distance of 2 meters between people. This means that you should avoid hand shaking and other physical contact when you hand over the key. Many owners use the key safe to handle the key. It makes the pickup and return of the car easier and safer.
  • Don’t rent a car if you are ill! If you have made a reservation, but get ill then you can cancel the booking without any extra cost. You can cancel the reservation from the reservation page and the owner will get the information straight from there. There are now many home transport services available if you need food delivered to your house, check out the services!

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