Do you participate in the property management meetings? Here is a reason why you should

The Finnish Real Estate Federation recommends that the yearly property management meeting for housing companies is held in March. In the meeting a new board is chosen and the coming year is planned. Now you can affect the future in your house and suggest shared cars as a service. You can also rent your own car through BloxCar.

One of the recent hot topics has been shared cares in housing companies. This business model can be challenging and one of the recent examples is Ekorent, which closed down their business last autumn. The problem is often that the services still require that a fleet of cars is bought to enable the service, which causes costs and trouble to the housing companies.  

The solution is the still quite unknown model of peer-to-peer rental, which means that anyone can rent cars from private people, housing companies and cities. The concept utilizes cars that are already in traffic. Many parking areas are full of cars that are rarely used and Blox Car uses these cars by encouraging the owners to share them. The owner gets an income and the neighbors get access to cars nearby.


Now you have a unique chance to affect the future plans of your housing company

Blox Car offers a model that creates an enormous saving and better service for the residents. Compared to other car sharing models peer-to-peer rental is more sustainable and cost effective because it utilizes the cars that are already in traffic. Blox Car has more than 15 000 users and over 600 cars all over Finland, which means that the service model can be used in many cities. 

With the plug-and-play car search widget housing companies can list cars that are for rent in the house or neighborhood. The widget works as a small search engine on the housing company’s home page and it provides a listing of the nearby cars. The cars can also be filtered to show e.g. only electric cars.

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