Cooperation – What is Hygglo?

The largest peer-to-peer platform in the Nordic countries, Hygglo, and the largest peer-to-peer platform in Finland, BloxCar, are launching a collaboration aimed at raising awareness of the sharing economy. Companies provide consumers with a service platform where they can rent their own articles. The marketplaces of the sharing economy will start cooperating in Finland.

What is Hygglo?

Hygglo is the largest peer-to-peer platform in the Nordic countries. It is founded on 2016. Hygglo is part of’s backing company Schibstedt’s service network. Schibsted has been part of Hygglo’s owners since 2018. Through Hygglo, individuals can securely rent their goods and make money through it. Rental products are insured and individuals must identify themselves before renting. These features make the service a safe and reliable way to rent goods and promote a sharing economy. Renting goods safely offers us the opportunity to save money, promote well-being, earn from existing articles and, in addition, to do service for the environment. Hygglo has recently expanded to Finland and is looking for people to rent their own goods on the platform. Hygglon’s most popular categories include tools, cameras, camping gear and cleaning supplies.

All items are insured for the duration of the rental and users must identify themselves before registering. Filing a notice costs nothing and owners of the goods are allowed to keep 80% of the rental amount (50% of the drone rental). The rental includes an additional booking fee plus an extra charge (supplies may be subject to a surcharge). Hygglo has a security system that checks payers’ credit information. This does not affect the user’s credit information at all.

Hygglo is good for the environment. By renting out the products we own, we reduce the production of new products. In addition, existing stuff will be available.

Hygglon’s biggest wish is that before people buy goods, they would ask themselves if I need to buy or if I could rent.

Start renting household goods through Hygglon and register as a user:

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