Blox Car is more popular than ever – Here is why

Blox Car has been running for five years and during the last six months the service has grown rapidly.

Six months ago during the financing round Blox Car announced that they’ve got about 9 000 registered members in the first four years. After the announcement the popularity increased fast and the amount of registered members has gone up by 60%. The amount of users is already over 14 000. This is an incredible change which has been achieved through several improvements done in the service.

The team of Blox Car says that they’ve since the summer gone through all the growth limitations in the service and made a strategy that cuts the unnecessary costs, but improves the user experience and visibility.

“We collected all the customer feedback from the past years, went through them and compared them to the changes already made in the service. The feedback was categorized and this way we got to really see where the biggest need for improvement was”, Rafael explains about the planning.

The users have played an important role in the growth process. Most users have given feedback both about good things and the things that needs to be improved. 

“The feedback helps us to know what works and what doesn’t. In a service like Blox Car we feel that it’s important to involve the users in the development by encouraging them to give feedback. In this way we can direct the development in the right direction.”

Car search 

One of the biggest improvements is the soul of the service, the car search. In the improvements we took into account both mobile and computer users. When browsing on a laptop there’s now a map that enables directly seeing the location of the cars. The search page was completely renewed and filters were added to make it easier to find cars for different needs.

Automated payments 

Blox Car also improved the payment process. The manual work was removed by automatization, because processing hundreds of invoices manually was a big barrier for growth. At the same time we speeded up the rental payments from once a month to twice a month.

24/7 customer service and support page

Blox Car started a 24/7 customer service in December. “We wanted that everyone gets help when they need it. The feedback has been very positive”, says the head of customer service Janika.


The Blox Car team created a unique tool. The car search works also as a widget, which means that anyone can display the cars on their page easily and for free. “In Blox Car we think that the network and cooperation are the most important tools. Together with our partners and users we can grow the business a lot. This is why we made a tool that enables anyone to add the car search on their page”, Rafael says about the unique tool.

The tool is great e.g. for housing companies, read more in the article.

Car profile and scalability 

“After the car search was renewed we got our hands on the car profiles. The earlier profile was not very user friendly in mobile devices. We merged all the information about a car into a single page so that the waiting time for page loads would disappear. At the same time we removed the menu that took over half of the page”, Rafael reveals about the user experience improvements.

Social media and visibility

The social media channels were added to the footer of the website, which immediately increased the amount of followers. Many Blox Car users also started sharing the content. This was a very effective way to increase the demand through social media. Check out the channels and stay up to date.

The Blox Car team is small, but the development is fast. The service will get several improvements during this year. Stay tuned!

Follow the improvements, try them out and give feedback! Also, don’t forget to spread the word about Blox Car to your friends! By working together we will increase the growth of P2P car sharing.

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