Lainappi, BloxCar and Hygglo start co-operation – sharing economy services maintain their own news channel

The services of the sharing economy will start cooperating to increase the awareness of Finns about the benefits of the sharing economy. Lainappi Oy, Shareit Bloxcar Oy and Hygglo Oy will co-operate in maintaining the news platform. “Working together is important when working in such an area of ​​the future. The world is changing […]

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Cooperation – What is Hygglo?

The largest peer-to-peer platform in the Nordic countries, Hygglo, and the largest peer-to-peer platform in Finland, BloxCar, are launching a collaboration aimed at raising awareness of the sharing economy. Companies provide consumers with a service platform where they can rent their own articles. The marketplaces of the sharing economy will start cooperating in Finland. What […]

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TOP-5 – instructions for a long roadtrip

Domestic tourism is best to do with four tires. Roadtrips offers many benefits, the most important of which is that you can control your travel from start to finish. This article provides instructions for a long roadtrip. Traveling by car is easy because you can carry as much luggage as you want, avoid queues at […]

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Tax and deductions for car peer rental – this is how it works

Taxation and deductions for car peer rental are subject to capital duty. Capital income is taxed progressively. The capital tax rate is 30% and for taxable capital gains exceeding EUR 30,000 34%. Taxable capital income is determined on the basis of gross income and deductions. Capital income can be deducted from, among other things, expenses […]

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New payment provider, faster booking flow

We partnered up with a known international payment provider Stripe. As we have seen a strong growth in the amount of bookings, we decided to make it even easier for the users to book both as a local and a tourist. To make it faster to book, payments will no longer be charged before the […]

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Over 100 000 Finns have removed their car from traffic

The pandemic has already affected the way people use their cars. According to an article by Yle over 100 000 car owners have removed their cars from traffic because of expensive upkeep and reduced need. There are however other ways for car owners to save in the car expenses.  The car generates costs even if […]

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