New payment provider, faster booking flow

We partnered up with a known international payment provider Stripe. As we have seen a strong growth in the amount of bookings, we decided to make it even easier for the users to book both as a local and a tourist. To make it faster to book, payments will no longer be charged before the […]

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Over 100 000 Finns have removed their car from traffic

The pandemic has already affected the way people use their cars. According to an article by Yle over 100 000 car owners have removed their cars from traffic because of expensive upkeep and reduced need. There are however other ways for car owners to save in the car expenses.  The car generates costs even if […]

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Driving is safe during Corona – Only rent when you are healthy

The Corona virus might still go around for weeks and months. The purpose of washing hands will be even more obvious and everyone should have a small hand sanitizer in their bag. Better hygiene has been something many people have paid attention to in the last few weeks. People also notice the cleanliness of their […]

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During the Corona pandemic your actions matter – what you can do

The world is experiencing an unusual period that affects the daily life. To us it’s important that Blox Car users and everyone else are well. That’s why we want to inform you about the following actions that you can take to change the situation. Many people have health problems or a lowered income. These are […]

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Blox Car is more popular than ever – Here is why

Blox Car has been running for five years and during the last six months the service has grown rapidly. Six months ago during the financing round Blox Car announced that they’ve got about 9 000 registered members in the first four years. After the announcement the popularity increased fast and the amount of registered members […]

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I’m renting my car because it’s sensible and ethical

A family dad rents his Subaru Legacy in the center of Porvoo. Renting a car is sensible and ethical. “Environmental reasons. That’s why I rent my car through Blox Car”. In the small and intimate town Mikko provides his neighbours a solution for occasional car needs. Mikko’s SUV is suitable for many needs and […]

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Towards a new decade of driving

What was your promise for the new decade? Did you decide to start going to the gym or maybe saving? Fast diets and promises of a better tomorrow rarely keep up for the rest of your life. We are always thinking of ways to make the world a better place – faster ways to be […]

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Rules for Blox Car’s competitions on Facebook and Instagram

Read here the rules for the current competitions. Who can join?  You can participate if you have an active Facebook account, live in Finland and are over 18 years old. OTHER: The competition is not sponsored, recommended or managed by Facebook or Instagram and has no connection to the services. The participants release Facebook of […]

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3 reasons to rent a Blox Car

1. According to studies Blox Car is the cheapest way to get access to a car (HS, 2/2017). The car owner gets to decide the rental price and there’s a very wide range of cars to choose from. 2. There are cars all over Finland, just like there are car owners. Probably also near you! […]

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