How to list your car

After logging in you can add your car from the top bar My car(s) -> Add vehicle. Continue the process in following order: 


No matter what Insurance company you have we are proud to provide an exceptionally good cover for your car. Because our partnership with If you get the best possible cover if you have your insurances at If. For customers with other insurance companies we provide a Basic cover that protects you against financial loss (e.g. loss of bonus). We cover damages up to the maximum limit of the self risk of the car.

Information about the car

Fill in the technical details, renting price and location. You can decide the price, but we are happy to give you a recommended price. We recommend that the price for extra kilometers is 0,30 €/km, but you can decide the final price.

Images and availability

Pictures and availability are the two most significant factors determining the demand for your car. Wash the car and take the photos in good light and against a calm background. You can decide when the car is available by using the booking calendar. We recommend that you open as many days as possible and close them as you know your own schedule. Please remember that you can always decline a booking request.


Our service will verify your insurance cover unless you are in the process of getting an offer for a new If insurance. Your vehicle will be automatically added once the insurance cover is in place.

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