Blox Car’s new additional cover

Tulevaisuudessa kaikissa varauksissa on vähintään ilmainen turva

Blox Car’s new Basic Cover

The Basic Cover provided by the international insurance company Omocom is a new, free and better cover for all reservations made through Blox Car. The new Basic Cover covers more damages than the old one and it’s valid in the Nordic countries. 

The biggest difference in the coverage is that it also includes transportation to the place of residence, roadside assistance and glas damages. The maximum compensation is 1 000 euros and the insurance has an excess of 150 euros, which the renter is responsible for. The cover for loss of bonus is not included in the cover, but will be added later as an extra cover.  

The new restrictions in the insurance are that the user must be over 23 years old and have residency in Finland. The driver’s license must also be given in Finland. The insurance does not cover bodily injuries, damages of less than 5 cm in diameter or damages on the interior. 

All the damages must be reported straight to Omocom on the Claims form



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