Adding the car search to your own page

You can add the car search widget to your own page quickly and easily. Check out the instructions from this video and copy the following code on your page:

<iframe src="" height="600" width="500"></iframe>


Filter the search according to your preferences

If you rent e.g. trailers in Blox Car you can choose to just show them in the widget.

Just add the filter ?filter=vehicletype,trailer after


<iframe src=",trailer" height="600" width="500"></iframe>


If you wan to show

  • passenger cars , use ?filter=vehicle_type,passenger_car,
  • vans, use ?filter=vehicle_type,van
  • coupés, use ?filter=vehicle_type,coupe
  • e-cars, use ?filter=vehicle_type,electric_car
  • minivans, use ?filter=vehicle_type,minivan
  • SUV’s, use ?filter=vehicle_type,suv
  • trailers, use ?filter=vehicle_type,trailer
  • convertibles, use ?filter=vehicle_type,convertible
  • caravans, use ?filter=vehicle_type,caravan_trailer
  • camper vans, use ?filter=vehicle_type,camper_van
  • boat trailers, use ?filter=vehicle_type,boat_trailer
  • antique cars, use ?filter=vehicle_type,antique_car


If you want to filter from a certain area, add the coordinates like this 



Several filters

If you want to filter with several criterias use the sign & instead of ?

Correct: ?filter=vehicle_type,antique_car&at=60.171255,24.941439

Incorrect: ?filter=vehicle_type,antique_car?at=60.171255,24.941439


Note quotations

When you copy and paste the quotation marks can sometimes change and this will cause an error on the page. The quotation must be , the incorrect ones are ( ” , ˝ , ❝ , ❞).



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