What insurances does my car need?

A traffic insurance is enough and the car be insured in any insurance company. We recommend that you always check with your insurance company before you add your car to the service. The insurance companies may have rules regarding e.g. how many days a year you can rent out the car. 

Damage and equipment list

Each car in must have a damage and equipment list in the glove department. The owner must write down all the existing damages and equipment on the list. Useful tips, e.g. fuel type and how to open the fuel tank can be added to the list.  Download equipment list from here. 

Damage list and photographing instructions in case of damages

We recommend that you always check the condition of the car before you start driving and make sure that all faults and damages are listed. Remember also to take photos of the car. Always add new damages to the list and send the updated list to Blox Car. Download the list here.

What foreign driver’s licenses are valid in Finland?

We accept all driver’s licenses granted in countries that are recognized by the state of Finland. Licenses granted in EU or EEA are valid for as long as the license is valid both if the person is a tourist or living permanently in Finland. Also temporary licenses granted in the Nordic countries are valid.

Why does the car owner ask for the driver’s license?

We ask the owners to check the driver’s license and upload a photo of it in the service at the first rental. This way we can make sure that the person picking up the car is the same as the renter. When you get to know your customers you no longer need to photograph their […]

Should I check the passport too?

If the user does not have a permanent home address in Finland you need to also check the passport. The passport does not need to be photographed but you should compare the information in the passport with the driver’s license.    

Insurance fee

The insurance fees are determined based on the rental days. The extended Shareit Insurance is €5/rental day and the limited Shareit Insurance is €2/rental day.

Basic cover

During the rentals you get a Basic cover by Blox Car. The Basic cover provides protection in case of a financial loss due to an accident. The price of the cover is determined by the amount of rental days and it costs €5 per rental day.

What if I get a fine caused by a renter?

If you get a fine caused by a renter then you can claim for correction from the invoicing company. Many invoices also have a form for correcting invoice information attached. In the correction you must attach information about the booking e.g. as a screenshot and also information about the renter. You don’t have to pay […]

Can I cancel my usual insurance policy if my car is only used for hire?

A car rented through Blox Car must have at least a traffic insurance. We recommend that you also take a motor vehicle insurance. The insurances provided by Blox Car only cover financial losses on top of your own insurances.     Read more about the insurances and covers provided by Blox Car…  

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