Final report – this is how you report extra costs from the rental

After the rental is completed, the car owner should record the mileage, missing fuel and any changes included in the time rental and other additional costs from rental in the BloxCar final report. According to the information in the final report, the system will send an additional invoice to the tenant. Final report – this […]

This is how vehicle insurance and registration works

The car owner can register the vehicle in the Traficom register for many different uses. The insurance company offers insurance according to the information received from Traficom. The owner can register the vehicle for private use or for “rental without driver” use. It is advisable to do the correct insurance and registration of the vehicle […]

How does car insurances work?

Statutory motor insurance must be valid for every vehicle in road traffic. Motor insurance does not cover damage to your car, so the car owner should also have comprehensive insurance in the vehicle. Car insurances – make sure your insurance terms are up to date The service allows the use of any insurance company. We […]

Damage and equipment list

Each car in must have a damage and equipment list in the glove department. The owner must write down all the existing damages and equipment on the list. Useful tips, e.g. fuel type and how to open the fuel tank can be added to the list.  Download equipment list from here. 

Damage list and photographing instructions in case of damages

We recommend that you always check the condition of the car before you start driving and make sure that all faults and damages are listed. Remember also to take photos of the car. Always add new damages to the list and send the updated list to Blox Car. Download the list here.

What foreign driver’s licenses are valid in Finland?

We accept all driver’s licenses granted in countries that are recognized by the state of Finland. Licenses granted in EU or EEA are valid for as long as the license is valid both if the person is a tourist or living permanently in Finland. Also temporary licenses granted in the Nordic countries are valid.

Why is it important for a car owner to check a renter’s driver’s license?

BloxCar asks owners to verify a user’s driver’s license the first time they rent. This way we can ensure that the person renting the car is the same as the person who made the rental. We also recommend that you check your driving license in the future before each rental. It is also important for […]

Should I check the passport too?

If the user does not have a permanent home address in Finland you need to also check the passport. The passport does not need to be photographed but you should compare the information in the passport with the driver’s license.    

Do I need to check the renter’s driver’s license?

You must always check the driver’s license from a first time renter. We recommend however that you check the license every time. If the renter is new to the service and has the membership level Newcomer or Beginner then you must check their license. After you have checked driver’s license the users membership level goes […]

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