What foreign driver’s licenses are valid in Finland?

We accept all driver’s licenses granted in countries that are recognized by the state of Finland. Licenses granted in EU or EEA are valid for as long as the license is valid both if the person is a tourist or living permanently in Finland. Also temporary licenses granted in the Nordic countries are valid.

Should I check the passport too?

If the user does not have a permanent home address in Finland you need to also check the passport. The passport does not need to be photographed but you should compare the information in the passport with the driver’s license.    

Self risk and lowering the excess

Each car has an excess defined by the owner. You’ll find the excess in the car profile. At the moment we don’t offer excess reduction.

How do I report a damage?

If an accident occurs always inform first the owner and then BloxCar. Always call first the police about bigger accidents. The general emergency number in Finland is 112. Our customer service is open 24/7 e +358 44 732 9611

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