This is how you do your driver’s license identification

BloxCar uses the Veriff service, which is a leading identity verification expert. Driving license identification is a tool that allows the car owner to share the car more securely. Driver’s license identification You can do authentication with a driving license after registration. The user can proceed to authenticate via the “Messages” tab. Below is an […]

Why is it important for a car owner to check a renter’s driver’s license?

BloxCar asks owners to verify a user’s driver’s license the first time they rent. This way we can ensure that the person renting the car is the same as the person who made the rental. We also recommend that you check your driving license in the future before each rental. It is also important for […]

How do I give a feedback and rating of the rental?

Feedback and rating of the rental is an important part of BloxCar’s social service. After the end of the rental, the parties to the rental can leave both written feedback and give a star rating for the car and the rental from the other party. Feedback and rating of the rental is also visible to […]

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