What is a damage list and how do I get one?

The damage list is a form where you describe faults and damages of the car. Check always before you start a rental that all faults and damages are written down on the list. You get the list in your mail when adding a car. You can also request the list from our customer service 

Why was my booking automatically cancelled?

The most common reason for a cancellation is that there’s not enough credit on your payment card. Please check the credit and that there are no online payment limitations on your card. You can check it from your online bank.  If there’s another reason please contact us

Can I use Blox Car for a business trip?

The cars can be used for business, but the driver must create an account as a private person. After the rental you can ask for a receipt for the accounting.

Do I need to pay for fuel?

After each rental there must be equally much fuel left as at the start of the rental. You can agree with the owner about the possibility to include the fuel in the rent.


All discount in Blox Car work as ‘Cash Back’. Make the booking as usual and after booking is approved inform us at We will make a refund of the amount of the discount.

Why is my payment card declined?

The credit card might be declined because your card is expired, does not have enough funds or it has restrictions for online payments. All payment cards must have enough funds to pay for the rental. If you have funds, but still can’t make a booking you might have restrictions on the card. You can edit […]

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