This is how you do your driver’s license identification

BloxCar uses the Veriff service, which is a leading identity verification expert. Driving license identification is a tool that allows the car owner to share the car more securely. Driver’s license identification You can do authentication with a driving license after registration. The user can proceed to authenticate via the “Messages” tab. Below is an […]

Termination and unsubscribe

The user can unsubscribe from BloxCar by sending a message to customer service at BloxCar does not delete data immediately, but first checks your account for unpaid invoices or other orders. The account servicer will confirm the status of the account once it has been verified.

Benefits and discounts for the motorist

The benefits and discounts for the motorist make using BloxCar even more profitable. Many companies want to offer benefits to motorists who share their own car or to someone who uses a peer-to-peer vehicle. Car wash and cleaning Carwash Carwash’s can be found in Tampere and around the Helsinki metropolitan area. Check to see nearest […]

Gift and and other benefits

Gift cards and other benefits are only valid for a certain period of time.  The gift card code will be added to the booking details at the time of making a reservation request. You can add the code as shown in the instructions below before submitting your reservation request. If you have any other benefit […]

Can I add another phone number to your service?

A registered user adds and verifies one phone number when they sign up for the BloxCar service. The user can also add and verify another phone number in the profile settings. See the example image below. Here’s how to add another phone number to your service

There is a new damage in the rental car – do this

Sometimes there is a situation where a new damage is found in a rental car that is not yet known to the car owner. Rental parties are advised to photograph the rental car always before and after the rental transaction. The renter should always make sure that all damage and other anomalies are known to […]

What kind of agreement is a confirmed booking?

An approved and paid rental is an agreement for the reservation of a car between the owner and the renter. Both parties have agreed to the terms of BloxCar’s terms, which set out the rights and obligations of both parties to the lease. Car reservation agreement The tenancy is between the car owner and the […]

Can I send multiple booking requests at the same time?

BloxCar user can send multiple booking requests at the same time, but the user cannot access two cars at the same time. Multiple booking requests at the same time – the system will automatically cancel the remaining bookings Owners accept or reject booking requests individually. When one Reservation Request is accepted, the remaining reservations for […]

How does the user pay for extra costs?

Extra costs caused during the rental must be informed to Blox Car within 24 hours after the rental. Blox Car invoices these costs from the user. 

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