There is a new damage in the rental car – do this

Sometimes there is a situation where a new damage is found in a rental car that is not yet known to the car owner. Rental parties are advised to photograph the rental car always before and after the rental transaction. The renter should always make sure that all damage and other anomalies are known to […]

What kind of agreement is a confirmed booking?

An approved and paid rental is an agreement for the reservation of a car between the owner and the renter. Both parties have agreed to the terms of BloxCar’s terms, which set out the rights and obligations of both parties to the lease. Car reservation agreement The tenancy is between the car owner and the […]

How do I add the reservation calendars to my phone or laptop?

By adding the reservation calendars to your own electronic calendar you can make it easier to keep track on the reservations.   To upload the reservations calendar on your own device go first to the car settings and choose  

Calendar management

Each car in the service has their own booking calendar, in which the owner can define when the car is available. This way the owner does not get unnecessary booking requests when the car is not available.  Both users and owners can synchronise their booking calendars to their own electronic calendars. This way the user […]

What requirements are there for listing a car?

A car registered to Blox Car must meet following criteria: The car must be roadworthy and have passed an MOT. The car must have at least a traffic insurance. The car can be driven with a B-license.

What cars can be added to the service?

You can add following car types: Passenger car Van Camper van Motor home Trailer All the cars must be roadworthy and have a valid traffic insurance. Vehicles with two wheels or quad bikes are at the moment not allowed in the service.

How does car insurances work?

Statutory motor insurance must be valid for every vehicle in road traffic. Motor insurance does not cover damage to your car, so the car owner should also have comprehensive insurance in the vehicle. Car insurances – make sure your insurance terms are up to date The service allows the use of any insurance company. We […]

Can I rent a car bought with partial payment?

You can add cars bought as hire purchase to the service. We recommend that you always double check the rules with the financial company, since some of them might have rules e.g. about how many days per year you can rent your car. 

Damage and equipment list

Each car in must have a damage and equipment list in the glove department. The owner must write down all the existing damages and equipment on the list. Useful tips, e.g. fuel type and how to open the fuel tank can be added to the list.  Download equipment list from here. 

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