The renter is late

There are no extra fees for delays. If the user is significantly late and has not given a reason for it you can mention this in the feedback. Blox Car has also the right to remove users who are repeatedly late. The renter must also pay for the whole booking and the rent is not […]

Damage list and photographing instructions in case of damages

We recommend that you always check the condition of the car before you start driving and make sure that all faults and damages are listed. Remember also to take photos of the car. Always add new damages to the list and send the updated list to Blox Car. Download the list here.

What foreign driver’s licenses are valid in Finland?

We accept all driver’s licenses granted in countries that are recognized by the state of Finland. Licenses granted in EU or EEA are valid for as long as the license is valid both if the person is a tourist or living permanently in Finland. Also temporary licenses granted in the Nordic countries are valid.

Can I rent my car without handing over the key myself?

It is possible to rent the car remotely with a lockbox that you can borrow from Blox Car. The box is placed in the side window of the car and it works with a pin-code. The safe is completely mechanical and you can change the pin-code between each rental. We do recommend that you ask […]

Can Blox Car administrate my car?  

With Blox Car you can rent out your car even if you are e.g. on a trip. In this case Blox Car will take care of your car and place it in a busy location.  Ask more from our customer service.  

Should I check the passport too?

If the user does not have a permanent home address in Finland you need to also check the passport. The passport does not need to be photographed but you should compare the information in the passport with the driver’s license.    

How can list my car on Blox Car?

To be able to rent your car you must first create a Blox Car account. When you are logged in you can add your car from Add vehicle. The service will instruct you during the process. As an owner you can also rent cars.

Can I list a leasing car on Blox Car?

We also accept leasing cars. Before adding the car to the service you must let the leasing company know that you are renting the car through Blox Car.

Can I list several cars?

There are no limitations about how many cars you can have in the service. 

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