Membership in the Automobile Association offers benefits – free road service

The Automobile Association was founded in 1919 to provide services, hobbies and activities for private motorists advocacy organization. The membership of the car association offers the motorist a wide range of information, among other things motoring, traffic and tourism both in Finland and abroad. It’s also member of the FIA. The Finnish Automobile Association uses […]

Benefits and discounts for the motorist

The benefits and discounts for the motorist make using BloxCar even more profitable. Many companies want to offer benefits to motorists who share their own car or to someone who uses a peer-to-peer vehicle. Car wash and cleaning Carwash Carwash’s can be found in Tampere and around the Helsinki metropolitan area. Check to see nearest […]

Increase rental income with social media

Social media is often divided into chat or image services. The most important thing for a car owner is to reach people nearby who are interested in renting. Below is a list of tips that an owner can take advantage of to get rental income with social media. Also link and tag to BloxCar posts […]

Gift and and other benefits

Gift cards and other benefits are only valid for a certain period of time.  The gift card code will be added to the booking details at the time of making a reservation request. You can add the code as shown in the instructions below before submitting your reservation request. If you have any other benefit […]

Adding the car search to your own page

The widget can be added to any page quickly and easily with Blox Car’s plug and play tool. The widget enables housing companies, businesses and cities to easily support sustainable driving by listing the shared cars. This is an excellent way of utilizing cars that are already in traffic. Check out the instructions from this […]

What kind of agreement is a confirmed booking?

An approved and paid rental is an agreement for the reservation of a car between the owner and the renter. Both parties have agreed to the terms of BloxCar’s terms, which set out the rights and obligations of both parties to the lease. Car reservation agreement The tenancy is between the car owner and the […]

Photographing the car

You can market your car with high quality photos. Dark and blurry photos are not necessary the most tempting for renters. You can also ask about the photo service from Blox Car by mail from info@bloxcar.fi.

Can I rent my car without handing over the key myself?

It is possible to rent the car remotely with a lockbox that you can borrow from Blox Car. The box is placed in the side window of the car and it works with a pin-code. The safe is completely mechanical and you can change the pin-code between each rental. We do recommend that you ask […]

Can BloxCar administrate my car?  

With Blox Car you can rent out your car even if you are e.g. on a trip. In this case BloxCar will take care of your car and place it in a busy location.  Ask more from our customer service.  

Fuel for car rental – is it included?

The basic rental fee usually includes a certain number of kilometers that the tenant is free to use. However, fuel for car rental is not included in the car rental price at all. Is fuel included in the car rental? After the rental, the tank must have as much fuel as at the beginning of […]

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