What browser should I use to get the best experience with Blox Car?

The service works with the most common browsers, but for example Bing does not support all the functions in the service. If you have experience difficulties with your browser then we recommend you to update to the newest version. You can also help us improve our service by letting us know if you have problems […]

How can I refer a friend?

You can invite your friends to experience Blox Car from Invite a friend in the dropdown menu under your name.

The service does not approve my phone number

Check that you wrote the number in correct format: +358 50 1234567. You can check and edit the number from Settings in the drop down menu under your name.

The service does not approve my e-mail

You might already have an Blox Car -account. If you have forgot your password you can renew it here

What membership levels are there and what are the requirements?

Newcomer When you become a user of the service, you will asked to provide basic information, such as your name, e-mail and phone number. Your phone number and e-mail will be verified. When these steps are done you will get to the first level, Newcomer. Beginner To get to the second level, Beginner, you are […]

Why do I need to verify my identity?

The cars in the service are privately owned and valuable to their owner. It’s nicer to rent when you know who you give your keys to. The identification documents are not shown to any other users. The car owner can only see in your profile if your identity is verified or not. The photos are […]

What are the requirements for creating an account?

We don’t have any restrictions for the car owners. For the renters following limitations apply: To rent a car you must be at least 23 years old. Your B-license has been valid for at least 24 months. You have not committed traffic violations under influence of alcohol. You have had a maximum of three traffic […]

What information do I need to give and what is it used for?

When you create an account we ask for your name e-mail phone number home address. To hand out other information is voluntary, but might limit the use of service. The information is only used to produce the service. For example when you make a reservation we send your contact details to the owner so that […]

Can I lose my membership?

The service administrator has the right to remove an account because of repeated abuse, neglect or negative reviews.

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