I did not get a receipt for the rental

Check that the receipt has not gone to spam in your e-mail. You can also get it by contacting our customer service 


The rent is refunded if the rental is cancelled because of reasons that are not related to the user. The user has not the right to demand a higher refund than the original price of the rental.


All discount in Blox Car work as ‘Cash Back’. Make the booking as usual and after booking is approved inform us at We will make a refund of the amount of the discount.

Are my earnings taxable?

Income from peer-to-peer rentals is taxable as capital income. Blox Car sends you a list of all the rentals during one year and you can easily copy the information to your tax report. 

What is VAT and how does it apply to me?

VAT is a tax that’s applied on almost all services in Finland. The amount of VAT in peer-to-peer services is 24% and it’s paid by the buyer.

When is the rental income paid?

You will see the payment date on reservation page, after renter has paid for the reservation. The payment of rental income can delay with 1-2 working days if the given date is on a weekend or a holyday.  Remember to check before the rental starts from the reservation page that the renter has paid for […]

What can I earn with BloxCar?

Your earnings depend on many factors, such as the car model, age and location. Use our profit calculator to see what you could earn with your car.

What if I get a fine caused by a renter?

If you get a fine caused by a renter then you can claim for correction from the invoicing company. Many invoices also have a form for correcting invoice information attached. In the correction you must attach information about the booking e.g. as a screenshot and also information about the renter. You don’t have to pay […]

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