Can Blox Car administrate my car?  

With Blox Car you can rent out your car even if you are e.g. on a trip. In this case Blox Car will take care of your car and place it in a busy location.  Ask more from our customer service.  

How can list my car on Blox Car?

To be able to rent your car you must first create a Blox Car account. When you are logged in you can add your car from Add vehicle. The service will instruct you during the process. As an owner you can also rent cars.

Can I list a leasing car on Blox Car?

We also accept leasing cars. Before adding the car to the service you must let the leasing company know that you are renting the car through Blox Car.

Can I list several cars?

There are no limitations about how many cars you can have in the service. 

What can I do to get more rentals?

Your car will most likely be rented if you have good availabilities in the booking calendar and you have good images of the car. Also a reasonable pricing and the amount of included kilometers are important criterias for many renters. Mention also in the profile if pets are allowed and if there’s a child seat […]

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