A ski holiday in Finland – our 5 best tips

The skiing season is at its peak in Finland because of the national winter holidays. Many families are now thinking of where to go for the holidays. We collected some ideas for places to visit.

Downhill skiing 

A ski trip to Levi

The soft white blanket of snow looks very inviting. A light frost, the magic of the mid winter darkness and the heat from the sun reflecting off the snow creates the right atmosphere. After some winter activities it’s time to go and hunt for northern lights in good company. https://www.levi.fi/fi

A day of down hill skiing in Kerava

If you are interested in a shorter ski trip we recommend to check out the smaller ski centers. A great example in the capital region is Talma Ski, which provides winter activities to everyone in the family. If you are in for a calmer activity you can always try snow golf. http://www.talmaski.fi/talvi/

A city break


Turku can be seen as the pearl of Finland. The versatile city offers entertainment on both sides of the river. The funicular that was opened 2019 gives an opportunity to see the city from the hill Kakolanmäki. It’s also the first of it’s kind in Finland. https://www.turku.fi/funikulaari

Kemi and the snow castle 

Just a short stroll away from the center of Kemi there’s one of the prides of the Northern Finland. The enormous and traditional snow castle has been built in Kemi since 1996 and this year it was made already for the 25th time. Next to it there’s also a snow structure that stays all year round. https://experience365.fi/lumilinna/

Porvoo and the old town

Even a short city break is enough to clear your mind. One of the cutest cities in Finland, Porvoo, is an excellent destination, especially if you are interested in History.  The old Porvoo has a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, which you can’t find in bigger cities. Most travelers visit at least the coffee roastery and the Brunberg chocolate factory shop. The coastal city is easy to get to both with bus and car. https://www.porvoo.fi/vanha-porvoo

Rent a car from BloxCar and take a city break. It’s cheap and easy. 

Spa holiday

The Finnish sauna, a warm fire and a relaxing jacuzzi. A spa holiday is a perfect way of escaping the busy everyday life both with friends and your partner. Get a a glass of sparkling and a cozy bathrobe and get going! https://kerranelamassa.fi/kotimaan-matkailu/suomen-parhaat/kylpylat/

Nature resorts


One of the best known sceneries is found on the top of the Koli national park. Finnish painters and musicians, like Jean Sibelius, have always been inspired by the view. https://www.luontoon.fi/koli/aktiviteetit


For the people living in the capital area the Nuuksio national park is a great escape. After a short drive of 20 minutes you can hike in total silence and peace. 

Couch and a warm blanket

Sometimes it’s good to just relax at home. In the daytime you can go out and have fun with the children. In the evening the adults can open a good bottle of wine and watch a movie under the blanket.

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